The King of Bacon Street / by Justin Hannaford

Recently I was cycling through Spitalfields and found myself in a small side street adjacent to Brick Lane called Bacon Street. Charlie Burns was born in 1915 and lived here his entire life until passing away in 2012.

He and his family were paper merchants; a business which began with Charlie's grandfather John in 1864. The business involved collecting waste paper from city offices to sell to Limehouse Paper Mills for recycling.

After serving in North Africa in WW2, he returned to the family business intent of doing something positive for the war ravaged East End of London. With his brother Harry, he ran a thriving boxing club for the children of Bethnal Green.

This mural was painted by Ben Snow and adorns the wall of his family business on Bacon Street.

The King of Bacon Street - Spitalfields - London - 2016

The King of Bacon Street - Spitalfields - London - 2016