2 men relaxing poolside with the Duomo in Florence in the background, Italy.
2012: One of the most significant architectural achievements of the Renaissance, the world famous terracotta Duomo dominates the historic skyline of Florence. Although the Pantheon in Rome, for example, had been constructed before, the knowledge of how it had been built had been completely lost over time. Built in the 15th century, Brunelleschi built two domes, one nested inside the other, without the elaborate and expensive need for complex scaffolding.
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2012: Although the link between Italy and fashion/style is somewhat of a stereotype, Italy has been renowned for its luxury designs and high-quality craftsmanship since the 11th century. From the 14th century, Italy was the birthplace of Renaissance; that cultural and intellectual explosion that led the world out of the Middle Ages into modernity. Today, Italy is still producing iconic designs that are instantly recognisable throughout the world, such as the Fiat 500 and Piaggio Vespa.
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Florence, Italy.
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