United Kingdom

Paternoster Square, London, United Kingdom, 2015
2015: Paternoster Vents, also known as Angel’s Wings, is an outdoor stainless steel sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick. The sculpture provides ventilation for an underground electrical substation. The substation required a cooling system with outlet and inlet vents, and the sculpture was designed and commissioned to aesthetically fit in with the area. <back to Portfolio>
2016: The Seven Sisters are a series of imposing chalk cliffs in East Sussex and is one of the longest stretches of undeveloped coastline on the English south coast. Situated by the often turbulent English Channel, on average, the rate of coastal erosion can be up to 1 metre per year. Given it’s proximity to London, the area is extremely popular with hikers and day-trippers, however, it is still relatively easy to find a place to yourself and spend a peaceful day walking the South Downs.
A Vespa PX125 parked up against a wall covered in graffiti, Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom
2004: Street art is found all throughout London, however, it’s particularly ubiquitous in East London areas like Old Street, Hackney and Spitalfields. Sitting on the edge of the City, Spitalfields has always been an area of great vibrancy and change. This particular painting was only in place for 2 months before the wall it adorned was to knocked down to reveal a shiny new office block behind it. <back to Portfolio>
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